What is COSM™
What is COSM™

COSM™ (Creation of Sustainable Materials) is a business unit in ISA group, which specializes in the development and production of additional sustainable products alongside the group’s LITE leather production. All COSM™ products are made by following our LITE manufacturing processes minimizing carbon footprint, water and chemical consumption.

COSM™ Materials

Made by up to 100%
biobased content
An additional sustainable
option alongside leather
Made from mushroom and
other plant based materials
Circular products
What makes COSM™ materials special?
What makes COSM™ materials special?
  • The products will create a low impact on the environment and will be a complementary material to leather
  • No additional chemicals are used in raw material farming
  • The mushrooms are farmed on wood chips and rice husk
  • Mushrooms unsuitable for human consumption are used for the production
  • Only dehydrated mushrooms are transported to our TTL production facility reducing CO2 impact
  • Mushrooms are an amazing fast renewable natural organism. Due to its rapid growth, its feedstock availability is almost unlimited
Our Materials
Our Materials

HyphaLite™ TC is the first product launched under COSM™. HyphaLite™, composed of two individual words: Hypha, from the modern Latin hyphae, is a structural element of fungi (Mushrooms) and Lite, known in the leather industry for our LITE system, minimizing carbon footprint, water, and chemical consumption.

  • 100% biobased*
  • An alternative to petro-chemical based synthetics
  • Biodegradable
  • RSL Compliant

*Results from test method ASTM D6866-21

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  • Developed by our COSM™ business unit, NatraLite rounds out our plant based collection
  • NatraLite is available in white, which is perfect for athletic applications


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  • Developed by our COSM™ business unit, TerraLite offers a similar look to felted wool which is lightweight and breathable
  • Available with solid color or TerraLite Antique

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